20 Games to Play with Children to Encourage and Reinforce Language and Vocabulary

Kathy Williams

7–11 year olds

20 easy-to-play photocopiable games, that are a fun way to practise speaking and listening.

* Children will practise speaking and listening without realising it!

* The games are flexible and can easily be adapted to teach other vocabulary.

* Games help children to become more confident speakers in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

52 pages, photocopiable

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French - Jouons Tous Ensemble ISBN: 978-1-903853-81-8

Spanish - Juguemos Todos Juntos ISBN: 978-1-903853-95-5

Italian - Giochiamo Tutti Insieme ISBN: 978-1-903853-96-2

German - Wir Spielen Zusammen ISBN: 978-1-903853-97-9



Chantez Plus Fort!

J’aime Chanter!

C'est Français!

Das ist Deutsch!

¡Es Español!

J’aime Parler!

Jouons Tous Ensemble

Juguemos Todos Juntos

Giochiamo Tutti Insieme

Wir Spielen Zusammen

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